Classic Raiding


  • The goal is that the majority can play class/spec want
  • All guild members are welcome to discuss coming to raid
  • There will be no fixed minimum attendance
  • We wait for people who watch cutscenes
  • We welcome those leveling slower, and when they reach max level, they should be able to join the team.


  • Key roles may have minimum attendance or skill requirement
  • Some advantage will likely accrue for regulars, but this will always be transparent
  • Prioritisation of some Gear for certain slots where necessary (tanks primarily), but this will be transparent and stated in advance of any gear drops.
  • Some nights you may have to sit as we balance roles, boss requirements, etc

Suggested Days/times UPDATED (FIRST PULL NOT LOG ON – fine to advise if will be late)

  • Friday – First pull 8.30pm NZ (6.30pm server) (if notified late spot can be held. You need to be at instance, invited by this time)
  • Saturday First pull 7pm (again spot can be held, be there by then)
  • Possible 3rd time or 2nd group coming but not an early goal

General raid rules:

  • You MUST have discord installed and be able to hear in instructions. Your name in discord should show the name of the toon you are playing (Right Click Your Name, Change Nickname)
  • You should have DBM or Bigwigs installed
  • We likely won’t enforce flasks etc
    • We might give EDKP bonuses maybe
  • Raid mats (mats unique to or obtained in raids, including cores / core leather in MC, dark iron, scarabs in AQ, etc) and recipes (onyxian scale cloak, MC boss drops, etc) are guild-owned and distributed per guild rules in a way that best advantages the guild as a collective (i.e. all of us, not just raiders)
  • World Famous Classic is its own thing; we don’t assume any form of inheritance of raid rules or timing or preference, etc., from the retail version of the game.
  • We may have less than 40 and need to pug or more than 40 and people may need to sit.
  • EDKP systems is being trialed now.

Details to come:

  • Raid Lead Roles
  • Tanks/Heals/DPS Roles
  • Class Notes
  • Loot – EPGP System
  • Legendary Loot rules
  • Guild Bank details