Welcome to the website of World Famous

Locations –

Classic  – Remulos Alliance Oceanic (status – active and raiding weekly)

Shadowlands/Retail – Aman’Thul Alliance Oceanic (status – active and raiding weekly)

Shadowlands/Retail – Cael/Nagrand Horde Oceanic (status – home for toons, inactive)

Formed in 2005, World Famous is a New Zealand based Alliance guild found in both Classic and Shadowlands. We try to maintain the traditions and brand of our founding members (a merger between two separate NZ guilds, Sidhe and Evil Galactic Empire – many of whom are still with us today). Raiding since soon after Molten Core was released we have never stopped. The guild has an active community and social culture as well as a focus on raiding. We clear current end-game raiding content to Heroic Level and push ourselves within a limited raid time-frame. We have cleared all raid instances and obtained “Ahead of the Curve” each time it has been available.

In Retail, we are primarily a PvE guild with our eyes set on beating end game content (minus current Mythics). We are NOT a PVP guild, though many of our members do PVP, and players with interest in PVP will likely find others with similar interests within the guild.

In Classic, we are a large group of Kiwis and Aussies meaning there are groups to level, dungeon and chat with. We are expectation free, and you can be as quick or slow as you like. 

Most of our members reside in New Zealand. Expect most guild activities to fit within the NZ time zone usually. This is GMT+12; and +13 during daylight time (from the last Sunday in September until the first Sunday in April).

World Famous is a community guild that tries to cater to both casual players and more hardcore raiders. We are a family with many new and old friends who play online together as well as meet up outside the game socially. We welcome all our timezone suits, and you may join to raid, hang out, or even just level quietly with people in your time zone.