Guild Rules & Guild Bank

World Famous Guild Expected Behaviour

A few code of conduct rules will be applied to your membership in WF:

  • Be polite and respectful of your guildmates. Debate is welcome but be mindful that everyone has opinions which are not necessarily wrong.
  • Do not be an idiot in public channels or in PUGS. Wherever you are and whatever you say is representative of WF.
  • Opinions, taking the piss and humour are fine, personal attacks are not.

Please feel free to approach Sharn or Quinny should you need anything, we will point you in the correct direction if we cannot help immediately.

Guild Rules
If you are found to be in breach of these rules then you can either be warned depending on the severity of the action or even removed from the guild. On trial members in breach of any rule will almost always be removed immediately without recourse. Common sense and respect are what these rules are about

Any proved instances of – (Proven is equal to, but not limited to, screenshots)

  • Any proven theft (ninja looting, etc) is instant gkick.
  • Do not abuse or harass anyone, either in OR out of the guild.
  • Respect other guilds’ loot rules when running instances with other guilds. If you’re on their run you abide by their rules.
  • Do not let others use your account. “It wasn’t me” is not an excuse if your character happens to break any rules while someone else was using it.


Guild Bank

  • Triallists rank has no access to the guild bank (can only deposit, not withdraw).
  • Members and above have access to Free Trading.
  • All tabs are visible.
  • “I Can Invite” Toons and Gms have access to all the bank tabs.
  • Requests for crafting matts or BOE’s can be made by all.

The Free Trading tab is open to everyone. If there is an item in there you are welcome to take it for free (donations are accepted of course). The main rule is, only take stuff if you plan to use it. Don’t just take something to put it up on the Auction House or give to non-guildies. If caught you will be removed from the guild.