World Famous is a New Zealand based gaming community.

We have a strong presence in World of Warcraft. World Famous, can be found on the Aman’Thul (US) Oceanic Server. We are an alliance guild of over 500 characters who participate in all aspects of WoW including a strong presence in end-game raiding. The guild has been together since Vanilla. Originally on the US Frostwolf Server, we moved when Oceanics changed to being run from down under.

We also have members in our sister horde guild “World Famous” on the merged oceanic servers Nagrand/Caelestrasz. We can also be found on the oceanic server Bathalis in the “Evil Galactic Empire” horde guild and in Star Wars Old Republic “Master Dar’Nala” Empire side. There’s also a small gathering on the Republic side too.

As part of our community, we have irregular Guild Get Togethers throughout NZ often attracting over 20 members. Sadly we recently had to move from VB and lost over 98000 forum posts that formed the history of the guild.